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We’re excited to announce some new features you’ll see on our MasterCare Portal beginning Monday, September 14, 2013.  The most significant new features are a result of your feedback to simplify the process for downloading product updates and accessing license keys.

With these new enhancements, you now have a single link that provides you access to download all products covered by an active MasterCare contract and direct access to license all products purchased from NetScout.

Additionally, we’ve begun laying the foundation for you to have more control over your profile information.  This foundation starts with our creation of a ‘My NetScout’ that gives you the ability to register for all NetScout portals (MasterCare Portal, NetScout User Forum (NUF), Channel Partner Portal (if applicable), etc) from one location and easily access these portals from anywhere on NetScout’s website.

Your access to Knowledge Base articles, Support Incident history, and your ability to open a support incident remain unchanged and accessible via the MasterCare Portal.

As always, we love hearing your feedback and use it to improve your experiences with NetScout.  If you have any suggestions you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them.  Feel free to contact us at

Q.  The MCP looks different.  What has changed?
 A.  We have listened to your feedback and enhanced the MasterCare Portal to offer all users a personalized, consistent method of accessing all aspects of MasterCare support for NetScout products.  With these enhancements, our users should experience ease in navigation, with a complete revamp of the download and licensing areas and one-stop login requests to all NetScout portals via the new ‘My NetScout’.

Q.  What are the benefits of My NetScout?
A.  With My NetScout, you can now register for all NetScout portals from one location and gain easy access to your portals from the NetScout home page.   In addition, you have expanded capabilities to manage more aspects of your MCP user profile, including the ability to add MasterCare Contract numbers to your view, whether active or expired.

Q. If I already have a MasterCare Portal account, do I need to re-register for the MCP?
 A. No, your existing login (email address) and password will remain the same.

Q.  If I don’t already have a MasterCare Portal account, how do I register?
 A.  Once you click the ‘Register’ button on the MasterCare Portal landing page, you will need to provide the following information:

  1. Your contact information (completing all required fields)
  2. Your MasterCare Number.  This must include any (text) included as part of your MasterCare Number (Note:  Not all MasterCare numbers have (text)).  Your MasterCare number (formerly known as Service Contract number) is provided in the Order Fulfillment Acknowledgement (OFA) letter provided at the time of initial purchase or renewal of your MasterCare support contract.  If you do not have access to the OFA letter, you can contact Customer Service at or by calling 888-357-7667 and selecting option1.
  3. Your Organization Password.   Your Organization Password (formerly known as Password) is provided in the Order Fulfillment Acknowledgement (OFA) letter provided at the time of initial purchase or renewal of your MasterCare support contract.  If you do not have access to the OFA letter, you can contact Customer Service at or by calling 888-357-7667 and selecting option1.
  4. Your username.  This should be your company email address.
  5. Your password.  This is set by you.
  6. Your Secret Question/Answer.  This will be used to assist you if you can’t remember your self-created password.

Q.  Once I register, can everyone else in my organization register and do they need to go through the same registration process?

 A.  Yes.   Other members of your organization may register on the MasterCare Portal as well.  They may also update their profiles to include the same MasterCare Numbers as you.

Q.  I currently have the MCP bookmarked.  Do I need to update my bookmarks?

 A.  You may still access the MasterCare Portal via, however, depending on which pages you have bookmarked, you may need to make updates.  We recommend you check your bookmarks and update if changes are needed based upon your use of the MasterCare Portal.

Q.  I only registered with one MasterCare number.  My organizations products are associated with multiple MasterCare numbers.  How do I ensure I can access all product downloads and licenses for all products on all of my MasterCare numbers?

 A.  You now have the ability to update your user profile with all MasterCare Numbers (whether active or expired) so all applicable product downloads and license keys are available to you.  To update your user profile and add MasterCare Numbers, click on the Edit your Profile link in the upper right hand corner of My NetScout, then click on the link to View/Edit My Contracts.  Here you will be able to add more MasterCare Numbers regardless of their contract status (active or expired).  Based on the MasterCare Numbers associated to your account, your entitlement to download or license products will automatically be updated.

Q.  I used to see all NetScout products listed on the product download or licensing pages but the list of products now seems shorter.  What happened?
A.  To help eliminate confusion and simplify the product download and licensing experience, the new MasterCare Portal is supported by automatic entitlement and provides access to download all products that are covered by an active MasterCare contract and direct access to license all products owned.

Q.  I have several legacy Network General products.   Where can I find them on the Downloads and Licensing page?
 A.  All legacy Network General products are categorized in ‘Previous Releases’ under the ‘Sniffer Supported Releases’ category.

Q.  Will I still be able to download documentation?
A.  Yes, the MasterCare Portal will continue to offer key documents in the Download area based upon your product license privileges, and a complete repository of all product documentation from the Documentation page is available to all active MasterCare customers.

Q.  I have several NetScout products but I am not able to click on the Knowledgebase to search for solutions.  Do I need a special password?
A.  The Knowledgebase is one of the many benefits to having active MasterCare support covering your NetScout products.  If you do have an active MasterCare contract, please edit your profile and ensure that an active MC# is associated with your account.

Q.  In the past, I could access self-paced training.  Is this still available?
A.  Yes, as an active MasterCare customer, you retain full access to the Sniffer University Learning Community and its tutorials, recordings, and documents.

Q:  Did the link for the NetScout User Forum (NUF) Blog change?
A:  No, the link for the NUF Blog was not changed.  If you have not registered for the NUF, you must request membership to join NUF before gaining access to NUFBlog.

Q.  Where do I go if I need more help with My NetScout?
A.  You may contact our Customer Service team at or by calling 888-357-7667 and selecting option1.


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